AMZCHEF 5-in-1 Juicer ZM1517 White

Size: Machine + Kit
Sale price$199.99


  • 🍈【5-in-1 Multifunctional Juicer】 This juicer combines 5 functions for all of your daily using all in one machine. You can use it to juice,ice crush,meat grind,shre and slice,especially make ice cream,you don’t need to use knife to cut fruit and vegetables,even don't need to go outside to buy ice cream,but use only our AMZCHEF slow juicer can meet all your demands,which is extremely convenient and better to save time and energy.
  • 🍑【【Ultra-Quiet Meat Grinder】AMZCHEF slow juicer is better compared with ordinary juicer.The traditional juicer is as noisy as bombers.But to use our AMZCHEF juicer,the working noise is even less than 60dB,also you can us it as baby food meat grinder, mince meat in the morning and evening without disturbing your partner,baby or old people while they are resting,whcih is extremely quiet.
  • 🍊【Ice Cream&Crush Function】AMZCHEF Cold Press Juicer can use hard and soft fruits.This is unmatched by traditional juicer. Put hard fruit can squeeze the juice, put the soft fruit, you can press the ice cream button, and then a delicious fruit ice cream is made. Meanwhile, our manual ice crusher can also freeze soft fruits, and then use the crushed ice function to make fruit smoothies.One bite can greatly relieve the heat and let you spend the hot summer perfectly.
  • 🍍【Higher Juice】AMZCHEF Juicer Machine, the innovative 112rpm slow screw can squeeze up to 90% of nutrient-rich juice,maximizing the nutritional value of fruits/vegetable and reducing oxidation.It can extract various fruits and leafy vegetables such as apples, oranges, wheatgrass.You can imagine how happy it is to drink a glass of nutritious juice with this AMZCHEF slow juicer when summer arrives. It is full of enjoyment. It accompanies with us like our partner through the heat Summer.
  • 🍇【5 Seconds Quick Cleaning】AMZCHEF innovative design and advanced technology change the industry’s hard-to-clean problem, the history of juicer inseparable from the stainless steel strainer,it's time to say goodbye to time-consuming and laborious! Choose AMZCHEF slow juicer, you can even achieve 5 seconds fast rinse with only a small brush.

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